Wednesday, June 26

A House Is Not A Home

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Every home is a work in progress. While a house may be a building intended to for inhabitants, a home is the sum of all your parts. A home is where you live, where your family lives, where you place your domestic attention, and where you are most in harmony with your environment. A home requires attention. A home has to be made.

I moved into my house a little over a week ago. While it is a good house, it is not yet home. I moved because I was living in a 300 sq. foot apartment. That may seem like a good enough reason to move for many of you, but that apartment had begun to feel like home after the many months spent adding my personality to each corner of the place. However my fiance and I are getting married in just a couple months and we needed a place where he could work from home. This required a separate room to be used as an office and since my first apartment's only separate room was the bathroom, it was not going to work.

Our new place is nearly1500 sq. feet! So even after moving in everything I own and many of the things my fiance owns, we have yet to use up much of the place. Making this a home is going to require a lot of work.

First there is the cleaning (most of which is done now, thank goodness!) as the previous tenants didn't leave the place exactly sparkling. Then there will be the decorating, which won't be an easy task in and of itself as I like a classic, vintage feel and my fiance wants a modern, sleek look. Finally furniture will have to be purchased, my pocket book isn't happy about this last one.

Thankfully, in the mean time I have my little family to make me feel at home!

Meet my fiance (he's the one the left):

I know, I'm a pretty lucky girl.

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