Sunday, June 30

A Sneak Peak

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My next project is going to be my office/guest room. I don't work from home, but I like to write so this room will be my writing studio. When I came home from work on Friday my fiance suprised me with this wonderful, vintage roll-top desk! It still has its original tag (bottom of this post) and has relatively little wear and tear. It's beautiful and way out of our price range at the moment, but he found it on the last day of an estate sale so he was able to pick it up for $50! It is hard to be sure without an appraiser coming out and looking at it, but from what I saw online it seems to be worth closer to $400.

I love the storage space in this desk.  I also like that I can lock the top since this room will double as a guest room! Hopefully none of my friends are too nosy, but now I have the option for privacy. Not only does it have nice organization on the top, but the drawers are very deep. I plan on creating filing in the bottom drawers as they are the deepest and it would be less stressful on the bottom drawers if they got very heavy.  

One of my favorite details of this desk is the carved design on the center drawer. It really gives this desk a sense of personality that doesn't accompany many of the desks today. Most likely the desk will be the center piece of my room and a place where I spend a lot of time.

Right now the room itself is still empty and white. There are a few boxes that have been thrown in here for moving and that's about it. I wanted to start using the desk, but after looking around for a vintage chair that went well everything was either too expensive or tacky. Rather than throwing money away on a mid-line chair that I would forever hate, I caved in and bought cheap furniture that I plan to get rid of ASAP. I bought a 10 dollar metal folding chair and because it is hard and pretty uncomfortable I also bout a 2 dollar pillow. Then I took a pillow case and put it over the top of both the chair and the pillow, that way the pillow never falls off! It isn't exactly top design, but it is functional and it will last me until I find that perfect chair.

In the mean time I am hoping to work on this room over 4th of July weekend (hooray for holiday weekends!). I want to add some color, so I will be looking for cutesy, earth tone items that will make this room feel warm and inviting. I'd also really like to add a large bulletin board above the desk in order to hang story boards and outlines. This will be really helpful for my creation process.

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