Tuesday, July 30

Welcome to Bloglovin'

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There is a great new (for me, it isn't really new) website named Bloglovin'. In a sense it does everything Google Reader used to do, but I like it far better. When you first start on the website you can sign up with Facebook or your e-mail, which I love. I don't like how many sites try and force you to give them access to Facebook. Once you sign up you can find all your favorite blogs and follow them, similar to Twitter. Your home page will then consist of lists of the latest posts from those you follow. It even marks posts as read or unread to make it easy. You get to see the first paragraph or so and a picture if the post includes one, which can help you decide if you want to read it right then or wait til later. I'm excited to start using this and I hope you will follow my blog!

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