Saturday, July 6

Champagne Glow

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I have a new favorite eyeshadow! It is named Champagne Glow and produced by Pixi. You can find it at Target, along with the rest of the Pixie collection, or you can click here to purchase it online.

I love this shadow so much because it looks natural. While I do have fun playing with color when I'm going to spend a night out on the town, I don't want my everyday look to be over bearing. While this is nearly a nude color on me, it adds a shine that I love. It brings just enough attention to my eyes to make them the focal point of my face, without anyone really thinking about the fact I am wearing make up.

This shadow is smooth and blends nicely. It is light weight, so I don't feel like I am wearing anything on my lids. The biggest thing for me is that it isn't flaky. I wear hard contacts (gas permeable) so anything that gets into my eyes causes a major problem. Beyond the pain and discomfort, my eyes will turn an ugly red. Most people think I either have pink eye or am on drugs when this happens. All sorts of fun conversations. Thankfully this eyeshadow stays put! I have found that this isn't true for most shadows with this kind of shine.

I didn't use any primer before putting on this shadow. I actually like it more without primer as I thought it looked more natural. It is really up to personal preference. I found that even without the primer it lasted all day.
With my eyes open you can tell that the shade is pretty close to my skin color, but there is a bit of extra light on my lids. That is probably why the pots were named 'fairy light.'

Needless to say, this shadow isn't cheap, but it is worth it. At $15 dollars a pop you actually get quite a bit and it will last me a long time. Comparably, MAC eyeshadow pots are the same price at 1.5g while the Pixi pot is 2.29g.

I've enjoyed my experience with Champagne Glow so much that I am thinking about grabbing some other colors to try. I will definitely purchase this again when the time comes.

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