Monday, July 22

Meet Eastwood, the newest family addition.

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So first, an apology.

I got lazy. I didn't write a post. I had recorded a video of a project that needs editing. I haven't edited a video before and I kept putting it off. Then I said, 'I will edit this video on the weekend.' I adopted a dog instead. So there hasn't been any new content due to a mix of laziness and 'Oh no, I have to care for a whole living creature!' I promise to edit the video this week. I will do it! And maybe I will include a post on some of the wedding things I have been working on.

In the mean time...

Meet Eastwood!

Lauren and I went hiking on Saturday, July 13th, at Inscription Rock in El Morro National Park. It's about a 2 hour drive from home and a blast. The rock is really a part of a plateau and juts out of the ground, tall and proud. What makes this unique to the other rocks and plateaus in New Mexico is that travelers from all over the world have inscribed their names, dates, and sometimes a little bit of their history on this rock. There are signatures from Spanish Conquistadors, pilgrims, settlers, mayors, priests, etc. Some of them date all the way back to the 1600s. I am amazed at how neatly some of these people pounded their names into rock, especially since I'm pretty sure most of the travelers didn't bring stencils with them. There is also a very pretty view from on top of the rock.

When we returned from hiking there was a little dog sitting outside of the visitors center. He was hot, thirsty, hungry, and adorable. He was begging for food and water from all the visitors. Talking to the rangers a bit, they said they weren't allowed to give him water (it would just encourage him to stick around) and that he was a local stray. I felt bad for the dog and gave him what I could. I wanted to take him home with me, but of course that wasn't practical. Not only would we have to find a place for him stay when at our wedding but we didn't own anything for a dog. But I was deep into puppy love. On the drive home we stopped twice thinking about turning around and picking him up.

After arriving at home I was sad and mopey. I told Lauren that if I knew the dog was still there I would drive all the way back to get it. He thought that if I wanted the dog that badly that I should try and get it. Excited I called the rangers at El Morro planning on asking them to call me if the dog showed back up and see if they would give him water and keep him until I arrived. When I called, I found out they had already tied him up and given him water because he was pestering all the guests and following them on their hikes. They were planning on calling a shelter the next day. Very excited I told them not to call a shelter and that I would be there before noon the next day.

That night I went shopping for a leash, collar, kennel, food, treats, toys, the works. I picked up Eastwood the next day, brought him home, and then promptly took him to the vet. The poor puppy spent two hours in the car, 1 hour in a completely new environment, and then had to pack back up for 2 hours at the vet. He was very good (even though he was terrified... he only peed 3 times in PetSmart...) and even the vet commented on how chill he was.

Now that he has been home with me and settling in, he is a very happy dog. He gets three walks (almost) every day, play time, and he is of course very spoiled. Lauren and I love our new little dog. He is a Shepherd mix of some sort. We think he has corgi in him because he only comes up to my knees and has a little fluff of a tail. When he gets excited he wags his whole backside.We are working on potty training and heeling. So far he seems to be fairly smart.

Waking up in the middle of the night, 40 minute walks early in the morning (got to wear him out before work), not going out to eat so I can buy dog toys, watching him every second he is in the house so he doesn't potty on the rug, he is a huge commitment. But he is so worth it. I am very excited for when he gets used to his schedule and when he is potty trained. I know he will get there.

If you have a dog or any other animal, please share your adoption stories below! Also any tips you have for a wild dog.

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