Wednesday, July 24

Taco Night

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Tacos are always a favorite. Who doesn't like a taco? Essentially you need a tortilla shell and some sort of meat. It can be whatever you dream it to be. Last night I dreamed it would be juicy, spicy, easy, and scrumptious. And it was.

I was inspired to make tacos yesterday while browsing Joy The Baker, one of my favorite food blogs. Don't her tacos look delicious? I was so going to make them. Until I realized I only had two of those spices in my kitchen. I was still going to make them until I couldn't find onion powder, or cumin, or coriander at my grocery store. Am I blind? I feel like these are pretty basic powders. I probably still could have gone to another grocery store, but it was after work and I didn't really feel like it, so I made my own tacos instead!

 I used:

1 package of lean ground beef
1 ear of corn
1 packet of taco seasoning (I don't have a preferred brand, I just grabbed one that looked fun)
4 cherry tomatoes quartered
Green chili to taste (I used half a can)
1 big splash of virgin olive oil
Cheddar cheese to taste
1 can of Rosita's original re-fried beans
Home style tortilla shells

What I did:

I put everything but the cheese, beans, and shells into a frying pan. I heated and stirred it until the meat was fully cooked and the corn was browned.

Mmm-mmm. It smelled so good my dog was going crazy.

I microwaved the re-fried beans for three minutes and I toasted the tortilla shells in my Foreman Grill.You could always use another frying pan and some oil for this, but if you have a Foreman grill you don't need more oil and no flipping is involved. Nice and easy.

I spread the re-fried beans on my tortilla shells (yes, I went back for seconds), threw the meat mixture on top, and sprinkled (ok, dumped) cheese on top. YUM.

Did I mention that this is super easy?

Today's blooper:

Sometimes you are making dinner and your can opener breaks. Sometimes you are desperate and use the top of the can opener to pry it open anyway.

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