Saturday, August 3

Rediculously Practical Meals: Pizza Bread

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If there is one food I love, it is pizza. All you have to do is mention pizza around me and I already want it for dinner. In fact, writing this post is making me think pizza would be a good idea to have for dinner tonight. Again. Must....resist!

This idea isn't exactly rocket science. If you've ever worked retail and just grabbed whatever is in the freezer section for dinner (what? I totally packed all my meals..............) then you've seen this lovely creation before. It is essentially French bread with a pizza made on top of it.

What you will need: whatever you like on your pizza. Done.

For me that was sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. I added oregano to look fancy. Clearly I'm a classy gal.

I know you see cookies in the picture. No, I did not put cookies on my pizza, I ate them afterward.

I definitely only added this picture because I thought the pizza bread looked like one of the ships in battle ship. No, the game. What do you mean you don't see it? The pepperoni are definitely the red pegs. This ship has been sunk.


Set your oven to broil. Put foil on a cookie sheet. Cut your bread in half hot dog style and then cut those sides hamburger style. Elementary school lingo for the win.

Place your bread quarters on the cookie sheet and build them to your desire. For  me that meant a lot of cheese.

Put them in the oven with the door cracked open until the sauce starts bubbling or your cheese gets nice and toasted.

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