Wednesday, August 21


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Have I mentioned that I'm getting married? I think I have. Maybe more than once. ;) Now that I am just under two weeks away from my wedding things are coming together: i.e. the dress is done, the dog/house sitter hired... the important things.

Sunday a few of my fiance's family members threw me a surprise bridal shower which was quite fun. For once I actually had no idea there was a surprise coming. Normally my fiance isn't very good with secrets so I end up with some sort of hint at what is going on if not knowing the whole 'surprise' before it happens. I think it took me about five minutes to process what was going on once we arrived. I actually had to be told to sit down. My brain needs to start functioning at a higher level apparently.

A few of the gifts I received.

I got lots of lovely things for my home such as an original painting by one of my fiance's aunts, heavy duty fabric scissors, nambe champagne glasses, Imperial Kir champagne (which exploded everywhere when fiance tried to open it, aren't bubbles fun?), a cheese board, cheese cutters, margarita glasses, tea towels, a salad bowl, and more! I'm sure you'll see a lot of these items featured in future posts. They are quite pretty and will be perfect for highlighting food, drinks, etc.

This was particularly fun because with our wedding in Washington state we won't be able to bring physical gifts back with us. Also, while our registry has a lot of practical items (don't get me wrong, practical items are still fun, I'm so excited for the day I have a couch) bridal showers give you lots of gifts you may not think to ask for yourself, but add quite a bit to the atmosphere of your home.

In a final note I picked up my wedding dress from my last fitting yesterday. Here's just a hint of what the dress looks like.

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