Tuesday, September 24

A Night At The Museum

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Katryn working on a spaghetti noodle structure.
If you need a good date night, or just hang out night, you should check with your local museum. This last Friday Albuquerque's science museum for children, The Explora, held one of their ~ bi-monthly adult nights. It was a blast.

I went with Hubby and my friend Katryn. This particular night was themed 'The Science of Food' so we ran around and gorged on food samples before experimenting with water flow, catapulting marbles, flying (miniature) airplanes, building spaghetti noodle structures, finding Venus in the night sky, and making stop motion films. Basically we acted like we were 5 years old. It was great.

Our Natural History Museum is also having an adult night on October 25th. It is Halloween themed with a costume contest, live music, and cash bar.

I always get really excited about Halloween and this year I have my costume decided on in advance. I'm pretty excited and think it may be something I want to wear all the time...

Are there adult nights around your city that you love attending? Have you started looking at Halloween costumes or have any favorites from years past? Let me know below!

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