Saturday, September 21

Fall Wish List

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It seems like everything comes out in the fall: technology upgrades, new lines of clothing, holiday flavors and decadent food, etc. While my phone did just upgrade to iOS7 (it's like a whole new phone!) there are few other things I would love to have by the end of this holiday season. Some are far more practical than others. So before you begin pinching pennies for the holiday season I thought I would share what I'm looking forward to during fall/winter 2013.

Photography Tools

1.) Photoshop Elements 12.

I'd really like to be able to post nice pictures on this site rather than photos I've taken with my phone and edited on Instagram. Real classy.

(Yes, I know this is a picture of Elements 11, Elements 12 isn't out yet.)

2.) Low Cost High Impact Photography by Steve Johnson

Are you sensing a trend? Right now my iPhone is just going to have to do. And even when I do get a camera, it won't be a DSLR. Who has the money, let alone the time to learn how to use a DSLR? Certainly not me.

And this leads me to my third wish list item...

3.) A Fujifilm XF1/Blk 12MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black) or something along those lines.

I'm not really picky yet. I might be after I've researched it more. For now this camera is beautiful and I think it would do better than my iPhone. I mean, it better for the cost. But again, I'd have to research it more.

Now, before I bore you, lets move away from photography.


4.) Lounge Pants from Victoria's Secret

When it gets cold outside, comfy lounge pants are a must. And one's that manage to look sleek in the process are an extra bonus. I'm loving this years trend of loose, light pants that tie at the waste, I just don't own any yet. They might be even more comfortable than leggings...

5.) Boots

As in just boots in general. Whether they be over the knee or ankle high, I want them all. There is something solid, comforting, and yet adventurous about a boot. Not to mention they look amazing. Plus, if you spring for leather boots and take good care of them they can last you for years to come. So, your investment piece for this fall should definitely be a great, quality pair of boots.

This particular one is the 'Parkers' Boot by Dolce Vita and can be found at Nordstrom.

6.) Trend Sweater Cardigan in Monochrome by Modcloth

Cute and cozy is always a must when the seasons get chilly. This cardigan takes a classic style and adds just enough pizazz to make you noticed. Even better, while Southwest styled sweaters have been in for the last couple years, the monochrome coloring of this cardigan will make it last the constantly changing trends.



7.) Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow by Stila

Stila is my favorite makeup company. The brand has great pigmentation, innovative ideas, and staying power. The magnificent metal collection is no exception. Just look at it. Love the shine. I haven't tried it myself yet (thus the wish list) but I've watched several tutorials and videos which show its beauty and ease of use. Another plus, I've always loved applying eyeshadow with my fingers instead of brushes and this shadow is actually intended for finger application!

8.) In The Light Palette by Stila

Did I mention that I love Stila? I really do. I've been coveting this palette for a long time now. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but they seem to be great for blending. I really like being able to make my makeup fairly natural (give a hint of sparkle) most days, but there are definitely times when I want to play it up and I this palette gives you the whole range. I don't think this one will be on my wish list long.

9.) Water-Resistant Eye Liner by Jane

I haven't used this eyeliner before. I haven't even met someone who used this liner before, but after watching this video I figure its worth the purchase for just $6. Notice which other desired cosmetic is in this video (hint, look up)? I also think it would be possible to replicate the look in the video using the In The Light palette rather than the Lorac Pro, but don't hold me to that.

That concludes my fall wish list (for now). I hope you've either found a little something to treat yourself with or been inspired to look around at all the wonderful new products. Remember not to spend it all in one place.

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