Sunday, September 15

Living Room Update!

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Before we get into things, I'm going to start you off with your daily dose of cute.
I have no idea why he insists on sleeping upside down, but it is adorable.

The fireplace has become Eastwood's favorite place to hang out, I think he likes the cool tiles, not to mention the mantel has started to look pretty cool, too.
I've added a bit of fall flair with a garland of leaves (Michaels, currently 50% off) and potpourri of miniature pumpkins and cinnamon sticks (Target).
The potpourri itself is quite pretty and colorful. I added the red string with the star and chile. I thought it gave a hint of New Mexico to it. After all, New Mexico is "The Land of Enchantment."

Sometimes just adding a single decoration can give a room a whole new vibe. For me, these two pieces have done that for my living room. They are bright, colorful, and seasonal.

I have been promising you a look at my new living room furniture. I have an update below and hope to show you more pictures once I have completed decorating the space.
We bought two of these chairs.
One entertainment center (with an absolutely giant television).
And one poorly done panoramic. Hopefully you have a pretty good idea of how it all goes together now, despite the off-balance effect of the panoramic.

I would love to hear about your living rooms and/or how you are decorating for fall! Feel free to leave comments below with links.

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