Sunday, September 8

Married Life

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Hello all, I'm married!

I want to apologize for the long delay. I expected to have more time leading up to the wedding than I ended up with. Unfortunately that meant I left you without any explanation. Yesterday was the last day of my honeymoon, so life should be getting back in to a normal rhythm again. Walk the dog, go to work, work on my blog, walk the dog, hang out with the hubby (because I get to call him that now), go to bed, begin again!

Right now I'm sort of obsessing over making my, oops, our house look and feel homey. While I did some small things prior to the wedding I had this idea that the house would sort itself out after the fact. Well, yes and no. Wedding gifts from wonderful people help drastically, but you still have to decorate and make the place feel like you.

Coming up you can expect updates on the wedding including a sample of the wedding photos so you can get a feel for the day, pictures of my living room which now has, gasp, furniture, my thoughts on The Kitchen House (finally) and The Cuckoo's Calling (I read it while traveling, you won't want to miss out), and whatever else pops up in my life. I can't wait to fill you in. Thank you for hanging on!

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