Thursday, September 12

The Most Wonderful Season of All!

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I am so in love with autumn.

For me autumn means perfect weather, the smell of chiles roasting in the morning, hot air balloons in the sky, pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween, long sleeves, cuddling, Thanksgiving, family, and friends. I have missed you, dear friend.

This is also the time of year when I start to drive my husband crazy. It will probably be exacerbated this year since we are married now.

This is the time of year I drive him crazy because I want to decorate everything. September must look like Harvest, October must look like Halloween, November must look like Thanksgiving, and well... you get the point. Not to mention the first three months must smell like pumpkin spice in my house. They just must.

On the plus side, all this makes me want to bake. Yummy food is always a bonus. 

Does my house look how I imagine it yet? Not quite. I'm trying to ease Hubby into it. You know, just kind of decorating the house... at all. Should we put a clock here? How about we hang some pictures on this wall? It's getting there. Right now I'm trying to be content with electric candles, which are also my new favorite thing. Did you know they make scented electric candles now? Mine are vanilla and have a timer. They look pretty real too. Target has some wonderful items.

In the mean time I've been doing some pretty serious window shopping. One day Pier 1 and World Market will be mine, all mine! Muahahaha... ahem. Sorry about that. Moving on.

All this to say: buy electric candles (they stop your dog from lighting the house on fire and you still get candles), be on the look out for upcoming pictures of my new living room complete with a clock and picture wall, and probably some baking as well. I have a goal to make the best chocolate covered caramel apples your mouth has ever seen.

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