Friday, October 11

Balloon Fiesta: Day One

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As promised, I am finally writing a post about Saturday's trip to the Balloon Fiesta. For day one we went to a Mass Ascension. The event's name is pretty self explanatory. You get up extremely early and watch 500 hot air balloons ascend into the air. Though this is very simple sounding the sight is breath taking, and dangerous. I will be writing a complete article about the festival when I have gone to the second event, a Balloon Glow. Don't worry, it is tomorrow so you won't have long to wait.

I took 536 photos, a ridiculous amount, so for now I will let some of the pictures do the talking. They are all raw, unedited photos, but you get a good idea of what the festival feels like.

Do you think you would ever travel to see a hot air balloon festival? Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon? Tell me about it below!

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