Friday, October 18

Hair Care: Oribe Après Beach

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I have a new favorite hair product. It isn't cheap, but it is amazing and well worth the money. Meet Oribe Après Beach. You're welcome.

I first heard of Oribe's hair care line through Zoella's video September Favorites. I'm an absolute sucker for hair products. I could go without a drop of make up and feel sexy so long as my hair is done. Makeup is a hobby, hair is a must. At least in my little world. I feel like the rest of the world doesn't agree.

I used to have really long hair until I decided to chop it all off back in February. I was watching Mad Men a lot. It got to me. While there are amazing short hair styles, I started missing my long hair after about a month and I've been trying to grow it out ever since. One of the keys to growing out your hair is minimizing heat as it can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

Unfortunately for me, that meant throwing my primary hair style of heated curls out the window (except for special occasions). I've been experimenting with braids, sea salt spray, and the like ever since. So far the best thing to come a long has been Oribe's Après Beach. I think I'm in love.

So far I have two favorite ways of working this:

1) Start with wet hair. Spray with Oribe Après Beach. Brush through hair to make sure it is well distributed. Use a hair dryer until hair is damp, not dry. Put your hair up in large Velcro curlers (It takes 8 or 9 for me to get all of my hair). Let sit until dry. If your hair isn't drying fast enough you can use a hair dryer on low to go over the curlers until dry. Pull out curlers and you are done! (Tip: If some of your hair is clumped next time use less product, but you can save your look by using a round brush underneath the hair to gently brush. Be sure to maintain the curl by moving the round brush in the same direction as your curl.)

2) Start with wet hair. Spray with Oribe Après Beach. Brush through hair to make sure it is well distributed. Use a hair dryer and a round brush to give yourself a blow out by drying your hair section by section. Wrap a section around your round brush and blow dry as you slowly pull it out. For extra curl keep the bottom section wrapped around your brush until nearly dry. Repeat until you've completed all sections. The first day I wore my hair like this I had people ask me if I had just gotten a hair cut or if I had gone and gotten a blow out. It's magic.

So what's so great about Oribe Après Beach versus plain old hairspray? Well, Oribe Après Beach gives your hair texture, grip, and shine all while leaving it extremely touchable. After I put Oribe in my hair you can't even tell I have product in it! Plus it allows me to give my hair some curl and lift with very limited heat.

Another look I plan to try is:

3) Once again starting with wet hair, spray Oribe Après Beach and blow dry hair whilst twisting sections around fingers. Touch up ends with a curling iron as needed. My hair is stick straight, so I'm not sure if it will work. I will keep you updated.

In my opinion the only downsides to Oribe Après Beach are the price tag ($35) and lack of availability. While you can always order it online, I don't like to wait and there are only two salons in my city that sell it. I still think the good far out ways the bad. The bottle is large and will last for a while, despite my obsessive use. Next I plan to try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

This is not a paid post. I just truly love this stuff.

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