Thursday, October 31

Ridiculously Practical Meals: Dill Sauce, Salmon, Manchego, & French Bread

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For a deliciously lazy night head over to Costco and pick up their packet of Norwegian salmon. Not only is this salmon ready to eat, but it comes with three different rows of flavors and a packet of dill sauce. To complete this meal I cut up an entire loaf of French bread and sliced a little Manchego (also from Costco).  Then I laid out and stacked everything on a cookie sheet, set my oven to broil, and let them sit in there just long enough to get a little toasty.

For the two of us it was just enough for a filling dinner. We ended up with two left over. For more people it would make a great appetizer. We paired it with hard apple cider and had a wonderfully relaxing evening.

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