Saturday, October 12

Ridiculously Practical Meals: Wine & Cheese Night

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It has started to get cold here in Albuquerque, or cold for a Southwestern state that is. On Thursday morning we had our first hot cocoas of the season. We used chocolate and hazelnut cocoa we purchased at World Market. Absolutely delicious. Cuddling up in PJs with a warm drink is one of my favorite parts of the changing seasons.

On Friday evening we just wanted  to have a low key night at home so we had a wine and cheese night. I already had a box of mixed crackers at home so we picked up a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Celtic Cheese taster. I arranged the cheeses and crackers on our cheese board (a wedding shower gift, you can see it here) and wa-la, dinner.

It wasn't particularly healthy, but it was easy, cheap, and just a nice night. It's OK to have unhealthy food on occasion. We had so much fun just relaxing, talking, and catching up on TV shows. Sometimes it is good to just spend a night in.


  1. Sounds perfect to me! Those simple, easy meals are the best. And who doesn't love wine and cheese! ♥

    1. As you can probably tell, I love simple meals! Thank you for the comment. I hope you've been able to wind down with some wine and cheese, as well! Now that it is the weekend this might see a repeat.