Sunday, October 27

The Dog Park

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This last week I took the plunge. That's right, I took Eastwood to his first off leash dog park. Now as any of you dog owners know, taking your dog to a park with other dogs and then letting him off the only constraint you have for him can be mildly terrifying. How is he going to react? Will he maul the other dogs? Is he somehow going to dig a hole under the fence and escape into the road only to be hit by a car? I can't be the only one this paranoid. All this to say that when I got to the park I walked around with him on the leash.

Now I want to point out two things. 1) This was my first time at a dog park. Ever. 2) I read the rules thoroughly and no where did it say "your dog must be off its leash." However it did say, "owners must have a leash with them at all times." A man (who was also breaking rules) came over and yelled at me about it being an off leash dog park, so I took the leash off and very nervously let my little dog run around at will.

Eastwood loved it! He immediately made friends with a spunky dog about the same size and age as him and they tore around the park chasing, jumping, and tackling each other. I believe he thought he was in love when he came home that night. When we left he ran along the fence with his new little friend as they cried at each other. I felt a little guilty, but we'd already been there an hour and I had to make dinner.

We've been going to the park a lot now and he is doing quite well. There are few things that are not quite socially acceptable that he will try to do, so I walk behind him and pull him off of other dogs as needed, but he is never aggressive. I've noticed that dog and owner dynamics are quite interesting. Some owners mistake their dog playing and having fun as aggressive or inappropriate behavior and others take a very nonchalant, dogs will be dogs approach to the whole thing. Over all we've had good experiences and met people and dogs from all over. I'll be taking him on a regular basis from now on as it seems to satisfy his social curiosity.

Do you have any funny stories of dogs at dog parks? Any tips? I'd love to hear about them below.

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