Sunday, November 17

Quality Time & A Table

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In October my lovely mother and father-in-law bought Hubby and I a table set. It arrived last weekend and oh the difference it has made.

Having an actual table and chairs in our actual dinning room has substantially increased the amount of quality time Hubby and I spend together. In the mornings while he is out walking the dog I put together a quick breakfast (by which I mean I microwave a couple burritos and slice up some fruit) and put the kettle on. When he gets back we get 40 minutes of bliss where we eat, sip tea, and talk. It really gets the day off on the right foot and lets us have some quality time before we are whisked away to the world of work.

In the evenings we would frequently end up sitting on our mamasan (a sort-of couch) in the living room, which usually led to watching TV with dinner. Now that we have a designated dinning table we actually sit down and eat dinner together. We also have a no technology at the dinner table rule so neither of us end up absorbed in our cell phones or laptops rather than talking with each other. Another great side-affect of having a table? We have a place to play board games! Playing them on the floor was alright, but your back starts to hurt and the dog tries to sit in the middle of the board. Playing at a table is much nicer.

If you need a dinning room table on a budget, this one is a great deal for the price. It's the Connor 5-Piece Gathering Group at American Home (sorry, but I think you have to be in New Mexico for them to deliver). It looks great in our house and is very sturdy, an extremely important point when you have a clumsy dog who will do anything for food.

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