Sunday, November 24

Winter Wonderland

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Doesn't my yard just look so wintery? Ok, so I might have added the snowflakes along the top... and reindeer...
It has snowed in Albuquerque! Just last week it was a balmy 70 degrees. Eastwood had his first walk in the white stuff and did not like it one bit. He ran back for home as quick as he could and immediately climbed up on the couch to cuddle and get warm. He didn't even wait for us to take off his leash.
It is actually still snowing, but I figured I better snap a picture quick because the likelihood of it lasting very long is slim. Yesterday's forecast looked a lot like this, but we only got a little sprinkling of snow. Today it's actually visible on the ground. This makes me really want to decorate for Christmas as it could possibly be the only snow we get, and I'd like to experience a little bit of Christmas with snow...
Moving on, I bought a crock pot! Crock pots are wonderful inventions, you can make a whole dinner without being around the house all day long. I love my crock pot, but the first meal we attempted was bust. We made "gumbo." The recipe had me a little leery when it said to place the raw rice in at the very beginning, but I decided the recipe book probably knew best and went with it. That was a mistake. By the end we had this disgusting rice paste. The flavor wasn't all that bad... I just could not handle the rice texture after it had been cooking for 9 hours. Next time I go with my gut.
I'll be trying out some very different recipes in the near future and will post them so long as I get better results.

Upcoming you should expect a LUSH haul, my attempt at pies, book review, and Christmas decorating!


  1. We've had no snow yet, but it's certainly been cold! I can feel it coming my way! I agree it's definitely crock pot season. I love coming home to a cooked meal after a long day! I'm sure you will be enjoying yours all winter and find perfect recipes that work for you. Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations ♥

    1. All of ours is gone again now, but I'm hoping we get some more soon! I'll stock up the house with food just in case... :)