Monday, December 23

Advent Day 23

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Christmas is a time of year I think nearly everyone enjoys, but as you become an adult it tends to lose a bit of the magic it had when you were a kid. I wanted to give some of that magic back to my husband so I created an advent calendar tailored specifically for him. If you would like to make one I posted a tutorial on how I made mine here. If you are curious about the origins of the advent calendar there is a nice little history here.

December 23: Twenty-Third Day of Advent

This is my second to last Advent post. I made my calendar go through the 24th as Christmas itself already has enough going on. It has been so much fun coming up with gift ideas, but at the same time it can be hard to come up with 24 separate gifts for one person. Today's gift was simply that tonight we would do whatever Hubby wanted to do. So far we've had Carni Pizza from Farina, watched Parks & Recreation (our favorite show at the moment), and now I think we are going to take a long bath. Hubby is being super sweet tonight as I had a very, very long day and he is purposely choosing things I would want to do. I love him so much and hope he has been enjoying the Advent season!


  1. Oh very lovely and interesting! Happy Holiday~

  2. Only one more to go! Great job with coming up with all these ideas! Merry Christmas! ♥

  3. Beautiful post! I hope you all had a wonderful night!