Thursday, December 5

Advent Day Five

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Christmas is a time of year I think nearly everyone enjoys, but as you become an adult it tends to lose a bit of the magic it had when you were a kid. I wanted to give some of that magic back to my husband so I created an advent calendar tailored specifically for him. If you would like to make one I posted a tutorial on how I made mine here. If you are curious about the origins of the advent calendar there is a nice little history here.

December 5: Fifth Day of Advent

Comic books are one of those things that American boys grow up with and never really grow out of. For Hubby Batman was one of his favorite super heroes, largely because Batman doesn't have any powers and because the motives behind the villains are much more intricate. Gotham's cast of characters are complicated, including Bruce Wayne. For today's Advent gift I gave Hubby Batman: The Killing Joke, Deluxe Edition, which covers the origin story of the Joker.

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