Monday, December 9

Advent Day Nine

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Christmas is a time of year I think nearly everyone enjoys, but as you become an adult it tends to lose a bit of the magic it had when you were a kid. I wanted to give some of that magic back to my husband so I created an advent calendar tailored specifically for him. If you would like to make one I posted a tutorial on how I made mine here. If you are curious about the origins of the advent calendar there is a nice little history here.

December 9: The Ninth Day of Advent

Today is one of those days that doesn't follow the normal order. Rather than a gift of time, I gave an object, but it is one we will spend time together with. Today's gift was Phase 10 a card game that is easy to learn and pretty fun. So while I did spend money and give Hubby a gift today, it is one we will be using together and can have some quality time and a game night tonight.

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