Tuesday, December 3

Advent Day Three

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Christmas is a time of year I think nearly everyone enjoys, but as you become an adult it tends to lose a bit of the magic it had when you were a kid. I wanted to give some of that magic back to my husband so I created an advent calendar tailored specifically for him. If you would like to make one I posted a tutorial on how I made mine here. If you are curious about the origins of the advent calendar there is a nice little history here.

December 3: Third Day of Advent

Not all gifts have to be store bought. Often times giving someone your time and letting them know you care is more than enough. That's why for day three Hubby is getting a massage!

Unfortunately he isn't feeling well this morning, so when I get home tonight and he is done with a long day of work he will get to just relax while I give him a massage and take care of him. It gives him something to look forward to all day long.

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