Friday, December 27

How To: Drink Wine From A Porrón

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For Christmas this year Hubby and I got a lot of amazing gifts which I plan on sharing with you over the next couple days. One gift, however, was totally unexpected and so much fun I have to share it with you right away. We received a porrón for Christmas.

Porróns are a crazy way of drinking wine by pouring it from a decanter with a spout into your mouth. You create contests by seeing who can lift the porrón the highest without spilling, trying to say words and phrases while drinking, etc. It would be a great ice breaker at a party just so long as you don't have white carpets. Ours was gifted to us from La Tienda.


  1. Oh very interesting I never saw a porron before!

  2. is that really how you are supposed to drink from a porron? ive never heard of it before. hahaha looks interesting :)

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
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    1. It really is! You can watch the employees from a La Tienda using it here:

      Lots of fun!