Thursday, December 12

Making Changes

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Ok, really only one change and it probably feels like a much bigger deal than it is. Guys, today I'm getting my hair dyed by a professional. This is the first time I have ever done this and I feel a bit scared. I believe that hair is an accessory, that what you do to it isn't really permanent. Chop it off, change it's color, it will grow back. At the same time, it is a long lasting accessory.  It isn't like a necklace you can change every day or even more than once a day.

My hair is currently the light brown color above. I'll show you the new color tomorrow as long as it turns out a non-embarrassing shade. I'm both nervous and excited and I can't wait to see the end result. Lets see how many people can guess what color I'll be dying my hair! Leave your guess below and also tell me what color you would dye your hair if you were going to the salon or if you already dye your hair.

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