Friday, December 13

My New Hair Color!

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Are you guys ready to find out my new hair color?

I dyed it red!

The color is thanks to Delana at Illusions Hair Studio.  This was the first time I've ever had my hair dyed by a professional and I was a little nervous. The reason I ended up taking the plunge to dye my hair was that I found a Living Social deal for $39, an amazing rate. I brought in this picture of Karen Gillan (she plays Amy Pond in Dr. Who) for my color guideline. Then Delana showed me the two closest shades of red and explained how they would look different, though it would be subtle. I picked the brighter of the two shades, this one was called Hawaii and it is a level 7 as far as darkness. The great thing about the shade I picked unwittingly is that my natural color and the dyed color are both level 7s. That means I wasn't actually adding any darkness or stripping for lightness, just changing the color. It also means that when I have roots that start to show they won't be overly noticeable at first. 

Personally I've been loving it and I have received compliments from everyone I work with on the color.  I'm thrilled it turned out the way it did! 

Do you have a color you've always wanted to dye your hair?

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