Sunday, December 15

Santa Fe Day

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Hubby drinking a Santa Fe Nut Brown in the Agave Lounge.
I don't normally get to add pictures of him, so I'm putting up TWO! I love this photo because he just naturally made this face and it looks really posed.

Cuddled up in my chair and laughing at Hubby.
Me with the gingerbread town at Eldorado Hotel & Spa.
The lobby of the Eldorado Hotel & Spa.
The Nambé bottle opener we picked up.
Our Santa Fe day trip yesterday was simultaneously fun and absolutely exhausting. By the time we got back home we were both ready for bed and it was only 5:00 p.m. Before leaving I got up early and walked the dog, then we got ready for the day and walked to the train station. The train was packed with kids because of the Santa's Village event going on at Santa Fe Depot. The train actually got to the point of standing room only, I've never seen it that crowded before.

When we arrived in Santa Fe we were starving so we immediately walked to The Shed for some lunch. Santa's Village was a lot smaller than I had expected so instead of going back we wandered through stores and galleries, listened to a man play an out of tune harp in the plaza, listened to a folk band featuring the banjo, and generally enjoyed the atmosphere. At one point we ended up in the Nambé store and we ended up getting the Titan bottle opener. For the last day Hubby has just been grabbing drinks so he can open them. Nambé originated in and is still made in New Mexico. "Nambé metal designs have the beauty and luster of silver, the strength of iron and will not crack, chip or tarnish." All the pieces they make are stunning and practical. Many of their pieces have been displayed in modern art galleries and they have received many awards. Finally we had about an hour before our train so we went to the Agave Lounge inside the Eldorado Hotel & Spa to kill some time. Hubby got the Santa Fe Nut Brown on tap and I had a Hot Apple Pie (which is tuaca, vanilla liqueur, hot apple cider, whipped cream, strudel and deliciousness). We drank slowly, talked, and relaxed until it was about time to go. When we exited through the hotel lobby we saw they had a gingerbread town, so of course we had to take a picture. The hotel is absolutely beautiful. I would love to spend a night there some day, especially if I was also spending the day in their spa.

The train ride home was fairly loud as all the children that had boarded the train to Santa Fe in the morning were now on the same train back and had missed their naps. All in all it was a great day with a lot of walking. Then when we got back to Albuquerque we walked home and then walked the dog who had been inside all day. We got our exercise for the day, that's for sure! Best of all, though, we made some great memories.


  1. Hope you guys had a fun day!! It sounds amazing, but I can imagine how exhausted you would be by the end of it all!!

  2. It was a lot of fun! Thank you! Day trips are my cheap version of vacationing. :)