Monday, December 9

The Importance of Coffee

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In the morning this is how my coffee maker appears: soft light glowing around the hope that you will be awake this morning. This one machine holds the power to give you all the energy you could need. Abuse it, however, and you will suffer the consequences of shaky hands, a scattered brain, and the inability to focus on anything for more than 2 minutes.

I've been wanting a Keurig machine for years. My dad had purchase one before I left for college and every time I came home for the holidays I would use it constantly. In the summer when my friends wanted to meet up at coffee shops and hang out I would invite them over for free coffee at my house instead so they still got a choice and variety of coffee made just how they wanted it without having to spend any money. It was a beautiful thing, but also an expensive thing seeing as the machine is nearing $200, more than a college student has readily available to spend on coffee...

After graduating I thought I might get one eventually, but Hubby didn't like coffee and I felt guilty spending that much money on a toy only I would use. This year, however, a Thanksgiving miracle occurred. At Hubby's aunt's house he tried cocoa from a Keurig machine and swore it was the best cocoa he had ever had. He was immediately convinced we needed one, I wasn't so sure if he was only going to drink cocoa. He promised me, however, that he would learn to like coffee and he did! The first afternoon we had the machine he had two cups of black coffee and has been drinking coffee ever since.

The Keurig machine is still expensive, though, so we figured with Black Friday we could find some sort of a deal. While I didn't go out shopping on Black Friday itself, there were several places that kept special deals going the whole weekend. For those who don't know, Costco is my favorite store (you can't beat a place that feeds you while you shop) and their weekend of deals contained an enormous discount on their Keurig machines. Whether on sale or not, Costco is the best place to buy many electronics and no, they aren't paying me to say this. First off they have the best return policy - when buying a blender my parents weren't sure if they would like, Costco told them to try it out for a year and return the blender if they didn't like it. Second of all they have great prices. This Keurig machine is normally $180, but Costco sells it for $150 normally with approximately $40 worth of free coffee included AND the My K-Cup® Packs Reusable Coffee Filter which allows you to use your own ground coffee. Over the weekend there was an additional automatic rebate of $30 which is no longer available, however there is still a $20 manufacturers discount available through Sunday, December 15th if you purchase through Costco.
In this picture we only purchased the top three boxes. The bottom four came with the machine, plus another variety pack which we already finished off. I love it because the coffee is pretty much instant, there is very little clean up involved, nothing to wash (besides your mug), and I can still have coffee even if I'm running late in the morning. Plus, I like all the variety.

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