Wednesday, January 15

Dreams of Summer

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Puerto Rico Beaches 01
I have had a very busy week so far, busy enough that I haven't had time to work on creating a post. Unfortunately I ended up sick today and had to stay home, but I'm taking advantage of the time in bed to finally put something up!

I have been dreaming of summer, warm weather, and beach vacations for the last several days. Two years ago I got to spend one blissful day at a beach resort in Costa Rica (Punta Leona) and I've been day dreaming about it ever since. Seriously, every time I'm cold and miserable I conjure up that day in my head. The ocean was the perfect temperature for swimming, the sand was sparkling white, the bar was cheap, the weather was always warm, what more could you want? It was bliss. Now whenever I look at swimsuits I think about them in that setting: floating in the ocean and lounging on the beach. I'm determined to either go back there or to a similar setting ASAP.

Swimsuit shopping is one of those things you have to do early since if you wait till mid-summer all the selection is gone. Plus, New Mexico has a lot of hot springs so you can be in the water all year round. This year I would really like two swimsuits: a two piece for days where I'm mostly just sunning, wading, or soaking and one piece for days where I'm going to be swimming. My top two dream picks are below.

This lovely monokini in pink from Victoria's Secret
that you can pick up here.

And this supportive bandeau (also from VS)
that you will find here.
Now I'm going to continue lying here, pretending that I'm sunbathing on the beach rather than stuck in bed at home.


  1. I love summer!
    new post:

  2. I've been dreaming of Summer lately too! It's still cold and dreary here, and I often find myself daydreaming of warm days, beaches, and vacations! I'm not sure I'm ready to go bathing suit shopping yet though....still need to lose some holiday pounds! : )

    1. It's starting to warm up here, no where near swim weather though. Most spas have hot springs or hot tubs though. :)

  3. It's only January and I'm already ready for summer to be here! Ha!

    Lovely post- swim suit shopping is always fun.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!


    1. I'm excited about winter during November and December. Once Christmas is over I immediately want it to be summer again. Every time. :) I'm feeling much better today, thank you! Just a little tired is all.

  4. Hope you feel better!! Love the second suit!

    1. Thank you, I feel a lot better today. Me too! It's my favorite, but the first one is more practical... Guess I just have to get both!