Friday, January 17

How To: Be His Valentine

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It's that time of year again, when just seeing the color pink makes me want to eat chocolate. This may seem really early, but gals, we have less than a month until Valentine's Day. My Hubby always does a wonderful job picking out adorable and meaningful Valentine gifts and it is always so hard to think of what to get him! At the very least it's pretty easy to come up with cute cliched gifts for women: red roses, a teddy bear, & chocolate. It's much harder to shop for the guy in your life. Today I hope to give you some great Valentine gift ideas for him.

The Pamper Gift

My husband and I treat Valentine's Day like a pamper day. We basically just spend the day coming up with ways to make the other person both happy and relaxed. Now what do pamper days always need? Toiletries. For girls we like nail polish, face masks, and bath bombs. For men with beards, anything from Beardbrand would be a great treat. For those who like a smooth face, kits from The Art Of Shaving will be your thing.

The Reader's Gift

For the guy who likes to spend the day with his nose in a book, here is a list of the top 100 books for men. My husband really likes to read biographies of interesting men that work in his field or men that he looks up to. Some reads he has enjoyed recently include Steve Jobs, Clint Eastwood: A Biography, and Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products. In the world of Fiction he has been enjoying the latest from J.K. Rowling, The Cuckoo's Calling.

For The DIY Lover

Make your living room the perfect man cave for a day. Cover the place in paraphernalia of his favorite sport team or video game. Create low lighting by buying some twinkle lights and putting them up around the ceiling. Throw a blanket and a bunch of pillows on the floor. Rent or buy his favorite movie, have it already in the DVD player when he gets home. Make his favorite snacks and have them ready to eat. If you don't have enough snacks already, buy or make favorite meal (we'd have pepperoni pizza or chicken parmesan). Hand him his favorite beer and have him sit up while watching the movie and give him a back massage (with oil). Pick up some card games to play when the movie ends or play a video game he loves. End the night by cuddling and reminiscing about your favorite dates.

For The Man Who Doesn't Want To Grow Up

I got Hubby a miniature air hockey table one Christmas and we have spent hours playing on that thing. All sorts of table top games come in miniature including foosball, pool, and portable ping pong.Of course, if you have the room and the money you could always grab the full size tables, but for those of us who don't these little games can slide under your bed or desk when you're done playing.

For The Music Lover

Buy him concert tickets for the next time his favorite band is in town, make a mix CD, purchase noise canceling headphones, grab a new iPod or mp3 player, or pick up this awesome portable USB record player.

Leave your gift ideas below and tell us your Valentine's Day stories, good and bad!

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