Sunday, January 26

The Week In Review

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It's been a fairly quite week focused on my husband, my dog, tea, coffee, and reading.
I was walking Eastwood and a hot air balloon dropped really low over us. As it got lower it released more air to push itself up again. It did this over and over again and scared Eastwood absolutely witless. See, the sound balloons make when they do this is actually quite loud. Eastwood thought a monster was descending on him from the skies. He immediately started running as fast as his little legs would take him, straight for home! He then whined at the door until I got it unlocked.
Once inside Eastwood ran up the stairs (stopping once to make sure I was following) dived into bed, and immediately cuddled between Hubby and I. He refused to move for almost 30 minutes which is unusual for him since he doesn't like sitting in one place very long. It was extremely cute. As you can see he has been shedding and I'm constantly covered in dog hair.
Finally some cuddles made Eastwood feel better.
Speaking of which, we finally got a bed frame!!! I'm so happy that our mattress is up off the floor, it is unbelievable. We also have a head and a foot board, but they haven't been installed yet. They are beautiful, though!
We newly discovered this coffee. It is absolutely delicious and has become Hubby and I's new favorite. The coffee beans are roasted with pinon nuts which helps get rid of any bitterness the coffee beans have.
I've also really been enjoying these teas from World Market. The Mint Rose is my favorite. Plus they are organic and fair trade. They are a little pricey, but we got them on a sale that basically made them half price.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Tell me what you've done this week in the comments!

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