Friday, February 21

How To: Make A Glitter Letter

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For the past while I've been decorating my mantle seasonally. In the fall I had a string of leaves, over Christmas I had angels and stockings, and after Christmas I didn't have much of anything. I really wanted to have a more long term decoration, something I didn't feel I had to change with the holidays or seasons. I wanted a unique vase with flowers and a really sparkly letter L. It's definitely more traditional to use the initial from your last name, but since my husband and I are both named Lauren, I figured we could get away with a first initial.

Rather than buying a pre-done letter that wouldn't be quite what I wanted, I purchased a paper mache letter in the size I wanted, grabbed some gloss mod podge, and two canisters of crushed glass glitter from Hobby Lobby.

Lay out your letter over a piece of scrap paper. Pour some mod podge in a glass or bowl you don't care about and mix in a fair amount of glitter with a paint brush. I did this by eying the portions, I wanted a lot of glitter in the mod podge. Then paint one side of your letter with the new glitter mod podge.

Working quickly, sprinkle glitter over that side of your letter, completely coating it. Give it a minute for the mod podge to become tacky and then pick up your letter and gently shake off all of the excess. At this point I set my letter on a separate piece of scrap paper, carefully rolled the piece of paper with glitter into a tube, and funneled the extra glitter back into its canister. Repeat on all sides of your letter. Be sure to wait for your mod podge to dry a bit between sides so that you don't accidentally wipe off some of the glitter from an already done side while working on a new one.Once all the sides are painted, glittered, and dried, place the letter on your mantle

Quick tip: Do not paint the bottom of your letter. I wanted my letter to stand upright on my mantle and by not painting it I was able to keep the bottom even and sturdy. It stands very nicely on its own and you would have no idea that the bottom isn't glittered just by looking at my mantle.

I really like the structure the letter 'L' gave next to the rounded vase and candle. Sitting right near our living room window, it throws sparkles all over the room when the sun hits. While you could do this with regular glitter, I also feel that the crushed glass glitter feels more sophisticated than normal silver glitter and fit the space better. The great thing about this is you can use any color or type of glitter you want to make it fit the space. This craft is quick and easy. The hardest part is cleaning up all the mod podge and glitter after the fact. Happy crafting!


  1. Pretty and easy to do. Love it!
    Julie |

  2. Interesting DIY, love this idea :)

  3. This is so pretty, love the end result, you are so creative!Thanks for your kind words today!

  4. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
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  5. this is so pretty !! i love it :) xx

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    1. Thanks! I thought of you when I was using all the glitter! :)

  7. Oh wowzers, super cute! I wrapped some letters in wool and sheet music for my wedding, but glitter letters totally need to happen now! x

    1. I love decorative letters! The sheet music idea sounds awesome!

  8. oh, I love it!

  9. that is so cool. makes for fabulous decor.