Monday, February 3

Literary Libations: Bacardi Cocktail & HP

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Guys, there is some intense stuff going on right now. The Seahawks just won their first Super Bowl ever!!!! Party at my place! I want to give all of you a cocktail so all the Seahawk fans can toast to a great season and the Broncos can drown their sorrows... While I know you won't be seeing this until tomorrow morning, I'm still in my post game revery.

Ok, moving on to what this post is really about: cocktails and novels! This week I've gone with the classic Bacardi Cocktail. It's very basic and just uses 2 parts Bacardi rum, 1/2 part fresh lime or lemon juice, and 1/2 part grenadine or sours. Throw it all in a shaker and shake until the outside is frosty before straining it into a chilled glass.

I'm nearly done with Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, so nothing new to report there. In related news, did you see that J.K. Rowling said she should have paired Harry and Hermione instead of Ron & Hermione? I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think I'm still in too much shock to think about it clearly.


  1. I like that cocktail
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  2. great victory<3

  3. Yum! That bacardi cocktail looks delicious!!!!


  4. Haha love your enthusiasm!!! Glad you liked the winning team! This year I didn't really care for either team and the game was such a bore!!! But I love your team spirit ;)
    Kat |

    1. Yeah, I've grown up being a Seahawks fan, so to finally have a rock solid Super Bowl victory feels good. :) I know what you mean, though, if the winning team isn't your team it's not very fun if the game itself doesn't keep you on your toes.