Sunday, February 23

The Week In Review

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Hi guys! I need to let you know that I have decided to post The Week In Review on Sundays instead of Saturdays. Saturday is the one full day a week I get to spend with my husband due to his work schedule and I just don't want to miss out on any time. So for now I'll let you know about my week on Sundays!

This week was really low key and I spent most of my free time reading and playing with my furball. The weather has been warm enough this past week that we have been able to leave our windows open, which Eastwood loves. He likes to put his head right up to the mesh and smell the fresh air.

When I was trying to take that first picture, Eastwood turned around right as I was snapping a photo and this is what I got. I thought it was pretty hilarious and Hubby and I spent a good while laughing.

We got Eastwood a new toy this week (he only likes plushies, nothing else) and this one has a 'silent' squeak! The silent squeak sounds like air leaving the toy, which means it is quiet enough that it doesn't bother us at all. This is basically a Godsend because Eastwood's other squeaky toys always give us a headache. He loves it and carries it with him everywhere. First thing in the morning he picks up his toy and jumps on the bed. If you need one of your very own, you can find them at Target for $6.29. The great thing about the brand, Chew Tuff, is that these plushies actually stay intact. Eastwood would destroy any plushie (and yes, they were meant for dogs) within 48 hours, but now he's had a dinosaur Chew Tuff toy since October and it still is completely in tact.

Yesterday Hubby and went to Farina Alto for some delicious pizza and gelato. If you live in the Albuquerque area I would highly recommend that you try their carne pizza! We also went shopping and had a movie night.


  1. Your pets are so cute! Happy Monday Darling, hope its an enlightening one.

  2. your puppies are too cute! i wish they made silent squeak toys when i had my two dogs. haahha

    1. Thank you! And yes, the silent squeak is amazing!!!