Tuesday, March 25

Impromptu posts: Yard Work

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Have you ever wanted to create your own little paradise? A space outdoors where you can read with a cool drink and just float away into your own imagination? Or the perfect spot for an evening get together with friends? Well, I've always wanted my backyard to be a space like that. The only thing standing in my way has been me.

I hate, hate, hate yardwork. I have a brown thumb. Often the only green things I can even get to grow are weeds. In fact, see all those green things? Those are aaaaaaaaaaaall weeds. For a space I hadn't touched since September, it doesn't look horrible, but there were huge piles of leaves which would  just reposition themselves around the back yard every time the wind blew, weeds that reached two feet high, sharp tacks left over from late fall (that's when tacks 'bloom'), large sticks and branches from our neighbors cutting down their trees, and the gravel and bark seem to have found themselves in piles and lumps rather than spread out how they are supposed to be.

I had a lot of work to do if I wanted this to be a pleasant place to relax. I feel like these pictures don't quite do it justice. I managed to pull out eight large garbage bags absolutely filled with yard debris on Sunday and another bag on Monday. The space is looking so much better, but it's no where near done. I still need to rake out the gravel and bark so it is evenly spaced, plant plants (I think I'll try succulents this year), and decorate!

For now I think I managed to do a pretty good job clearing out the leaves and weeds.

The space between the dog house and the house was filled with leaves, almost to the top of the dog house! Even the inside had leaves since we never made Eastwood stay outside during the winter.

This is the space I'm planning to set up our outdoor furniture and decorate in. I probably won't get any planting done today, but I'm hoping to get the back yard raked out and the back porch at least somewhat decorated tonight! This will be an ongoing project for a while and I'll keep you updated on what it looks like as things change. I'm really excited to work on decorating the porch. That's what I used as my motivation while pulling weeds.

Eastwood was my little helper while I cleaned up. And by helper I mean he tried to pull the sticks and branches out of my hands while I was picking up. He looks pretty innocent though.

Have you been preparing your yards or houses for spring? What do love about the new warm weather?


  1. be and you both I never get to grow anything it takes me so long and a lot of research love your pup.

    1. I'm terrible at plants... I need things that will stay alive of their own volition! :)

  2. Your space looks like you could do wonderful things at, your dog is adorable :)


    1. I hope so! I was going to finish decorating today, but the wind is too strong. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. I get the landscaping bug every spring- last year I turned one huge patch of grass right off the patio into a terraced garden (with the help of my mom + her best friend, who are gardening goddesses). It's fun- but definitely hard work!

    I can't wait to see what you do with this space! It has so much potential. And how cute is Eastwood?! That face. Precious!


  4. Lauren, it's a beautiful space! It has a lot of potential girl. I think you did a great job clearing it out. Keep us posted on how it goes.