Sunday, March 2

The Week In Review

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This week the weather has been crazy! It started out feeling like spring... low 70s and even flowers blossoming on the trees.

Then it all of the sudden started raining and this weekend has had some windy, rainy storms blowing in from somewhere. The mountains looked pretty ominous.

I love watching the Sandia mountains. They look different every single day. I bought this card to send to a friend which shows the Sandias in a very different light. The reason the mountains are named Sandia, which is 'watermelon' in Spanish, is because they turn a beautiful pink color at times.

This weekend we mostly laid around at home due to the rain (we don't know how to deal with it in the desert) and watched Netflix. I also went shopping today and had a bit of fiasco. In the end I stopped by LUSH and picked up a couple bath bombs so I could relax in the evening.

Now I'm all rested up and ready for bed! If you are planning on staying up for a bit, check out what else I did this week:

Monday - I made a pomegranate white wine cooler and finished up Harry Potter.

Tuesday - I showed you how to make an easy updo.

Wednesday - I cooked up an easy chicken and rice dish.

Friday - I created a coffee candle.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I look forward to another week with you all!


  1. Hi Lauren, the place where you live looks so intriguing, would love to see more of it. Thanks for sharing your fashion views with me...Have a great start to March!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you will! My parents are coming out to visit late March/early April and I'll be taking them all over the city and taking pictures. I hope you have a wonderful March as well!

  2. The flowering trees are so pretty! It's still freezing and snowy here. Nice to see Spring somewhere... : ) xo

  3. the weather has been so fickle here. those mountains are gorgeous! so pretty. you had a great weekend.