Sunday, March 23

The Week In Review

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This weeks feels like it has been hectic heading towards crazy! It has been a mixed bag of good and bad and we are heading toward an even busier week!

Sunday and Monday last week I was sick and bored to death in bed! Thankfully I found some productive things to do with this blog to keep me sane.

Tuesday I was back to work with some catching up to do. I had a new (!) computer installed at work, which is absolutely amazing, but also put me behind some more. This was followed by our internet going out on that side of the city which put me more behind at work and at home with the blog. However, it was warm and beautiful and I got some very nice walks in soaking up the sun and looking at the flowers.

Thursday night our refrigerator went out, which we discovered Friday morning. Most of our food went bad, but thankfully most of what we had was leftovers so we weren't out a lot of money. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to contact our rental agency before they closed for the weekend so we've been without the last few days. On the bright side Hubby has a lot of family in town right now so we were going out for several meals this weekend anyway. We also got a hike in on Saturday and Eastwood finally learned that laying down is the easiest way to navigate car rides! Look at that happy face!

This morning Hubby's parents left for Europe, so we got up bright and early to take them to the air port. After falling back asleep for a while I got up to take Eastwood to a behavioral trainer. He's started whining recently and I wanted to find out why, help him out, and curb the behavior. Turns out he has a nervous disposition and just needs more training and socialization. A general obedience class with some extra attention from the instructor should be all he needs.

This coming week promises to be very busy as well. We have several different dinner and drink dates with family and friends, all leading up to my parents arriving on Saturday! They've never been to New Mexico so I get to give them the grand tour. In the mean time I spent a very large portion of today grooming the back yard. It really needed it as I didn't touch it from late fall until now. A lot of long tiring work. I filled up eight large bags with leaves, weeds, branches, tacks, you name it! It looks a lot better but still needs some work. I'm hoping to finish up before Wednesday when we start having people over! In the mean time I'm hoping we get our fridge fixed before then. I'm super excited to see everyone, especially my parents! I have a lot to look forward to over the next two weeks.  At the end of the day, though, I've been rewarded with great cuddles from puppy and Hubby.

Finally, Hubby helped me update my header! I think he did a really great job and it was very sweet of him to help me out! I hope you like it!

Phew, there was a lot going on this week! Some very dense paragraphs there. If you made it all the way through, I'm impressed! I'm also touched by your interest.

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  1. awww!! I hope the week gets better for you sweetie!! And hope you're feeling better now? :) Your dog is absolutely adorable!!!! Awwwhh!! <3

    1. I'm feeling much better now! I think this week will be busy, but good over all! Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. That this delightful little dog!!!!! Hello dear, follow me, stay in touch.


    bloglovin follower

  3. All interesting post and great job on them.

  4. Lauren, when it rains it pours! I'm so glad you had some glimpses of "sunshine" between the rain. That always helps. Figuring out a new computer is always "fun" hahaha One time my hot water heater broke, sink stopped up and something else happened. NO FUN! You'll be ok. Have a great time with your parent's visit doll. ((hug)) Wishing you a better week.

    1. Definitely had some good moments among the bad! I always think bad things seem to happen in threes, don't know why that is. I'm really loving the new computer, but getting it going can be a pain! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm sure this week and next will be much better!

  5. wonderful photos!
    happy new week!


    1. Thank you! Happy new week to you, too!