Thursday, April 3

Day Three: Santa Fe

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With my parents visiting for the week I figured no vacation to Albuquerque could be complete without a day trip to The City Different, or Santa Fe. The oldest capital in the United States, with more resident artists than any other American city of its size.

We started off with a quick jaunt to The Chuck Jones Studio Gallery to explore the collection of Looney Tunes art mixed with Dr. Seuss and a few other creative artists. We then headed out for some New Mexican food at The Shed, a colorful restaurant right on the edge of Santa Fe's Plaza.

After eating a delicious and very filling lunch we popped down the street to see the beautiful sanctuary of The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis de Assisi. The inside is beautiful.

We went to lots of shops and galleries before we needed another snack, so we went to Kakáwa, a chocolate shop. They had liquid chocolate that you drink, very rich so the three of us just split two 3 oz mugs of the Tzul chocolate. I also tried a sampler of the Aztec, which was 100% unsweetened dark chocolate with spices. That one was far too strong, but the after taste of spices was nice. We all three got a chocolate truffle. My dad and I both got raspberry mint and my mom ate a goat cheese truffle. I would never have guessed that I would like a goat cheese truffle, but she gave me a bite and it was delicious!

Finally we wandered down Canyon Road (basically a road of art galleries) and saw some neat sculptures and paintings. Some of our favorites where the pieces that twirled in the wind. On the way back to the car we stopped in a little toy shop. We had a really great time!


  1. Wow awesome looks like so much fun.

  2. lovely experience

  3. I don't think I would've ever left the chocolate house and mexican restaurant! hahahaha That cathedral is so pretty.

    1. I honestly want to go back and have lunch there... Is it bad if your lunch is made of liquid chocolate and truffles???