Wednesday, July 23

Date Night: Build A Fort

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Sometimes when you live with someone it becomes really easy to fall into a rut of coming home from work, eating dinner, and watching TV. Lately that has been happening to us a lot. We are tired from work and don't have a lot of energy, so we do something easy. In an attempt to get out of this rut we have decided to have at least one date night each week.

To get things kicked off I built a fort in my home office last night, lit it with twinkle lights and we were ready for some quality snuggle time. I actually made a personalized crossword puzzle (for free!) at this website, all about our relationship for Hubby to complete and I printed off some other free crosswords for us to work on together. We ate dinner and dessert in the fort while puzzling our puzzlers. Then as we got sleepy we went on virtual tours of the Seven Wonders of the World.

It was a lot of fun and it didn't cost a single extra penny! I plan on keeping this fort up for at least a week, I plan on getting cozy and reading in there.

What are some of your favorite stay-at-home dates?


  1. Real cute idea for anyone that wants to perk up their relationship.

  2. this is pure genius! such a great way to switch up the normal routine in a relationship! love this

    Brittani and Katie

  3. That is so cute and romantic Lauren! A very magical place for both of you. I might do that myself. HAHAHA

  4. Your fort is so cute! I recently recommended a fort as a fun thing to do for my friend and her new boyfriend who had broken his leg and couldn't get out, they loved it and have left the fort up for over a month now! Enjoy your chill out time! x

  5. I love this! such a great cozy idea for date night
    might have to try this with my fiance ;) thanks for the inspiration

  6. Che bellissime idee!!!!

  7. Aww this is so beautiful and romantic, its like a vacation in your own home! Your comments are much appreciated, have a great Friday!