Tuesday, August 5

Review: Granny Takes A Dip

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My husband hates girly bath stores. They tend to have a lot of very strong scents that overwhelm you the minute you open the door. I'm in my element in those stores, but he stays far, far away. If he just disliked the smell, he may be a little more likely to venture in, but unfortunately he also gets headaches. That's why it was extra sweet when he stopped by LUSH on his way home from work and surprised me with their newest bath bomb: Granny Takes A Dip.

This bath bomb really is psychedelic. The swirling colors are bright and fun before use, but once in the tub, they really explode! If I were to imagine a unicorns bath water, this would be it. Starting out the outer pink layer gets a bit of fizzing going, and the  pink color begins to seep in, creating colorful tendrils across the water. Soon it is followed up by the blue, red, and green so there is a rainbow of color swirling along the surface. I had fun making the colors mix by turning the bath bomb with my hand.

Granny Takes A Dip is a large bath bomb, so I got to enjoy the colors and the fizzing for quite a while. The scent let off by this bath bomb is light in comparison to other LUSH bath bombs, but you can definitely smell it. It isn't overly sweet, but it is still pleasant. I haven't quite figured out how to describe the scent myself, but LUSH says it will fill "the air with the groovy multilayered scent of uplifting lemon oil, spicy black pepper and fresh ginger oil."

When the bomb was eventually gone the water was left a deep violet color. It was beautiful and relaxing. I was a little sore, specifically my back was sore, when I got in the bath and I felt much better afterward. The biggest thing I noticed was how moisturized my skin felt.

Have you used Granny Takes A Dip yet?

What's your favorite bath bomb (LUSH or otherwise)?


  1. Oh sounds good! Can you beleive I have never tried any products from Lush!

  2. I love the bath bomb I try to do once a week. Great review not many man like heavy perfume smells

  3. Omg this looks so relaxing! I've never used bath bombs before but I want to try it now! I love Lush products!

    <3 Shannon

  4. Hahah that is an awesome name for a product. I have never used Lush products before... I really want too! They seem amazing!

  5. I've never gotten anything from Lush, but their store is always very tempting to me--everything in it looks really cool!

  6. Everyone has been raving about this particular bath bomb. I haven't heard one bad review! Sounds absolutely trippy and delightful! :)

  7. I love the bath bomb!!!! :)

  8. Woah this looks awesome!! I've never seen this one before!!


  9. so cute colors! I love them! Look like amazing product! funny name!

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  10. ah I love all the fun colors and smells of lush bath bombs! I never want to use them they are so cute!


  11. jon and i have a similar love (me) / hate (him) relationship with bath stories, so i just go when he's away! this bomb looks like fun though- i'd love to try it :)

  12. This looks so fun! Sadly lush closed down in India

  13. I'm not much of a bath girl, so I've never tried Lush's bath bombs. (I know- am I totally missing out?!)