Monday, September 15

Literary Libations: Mojito Movie Night

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I was given Skinnygirl Mojito as a PR sample, all opinions are my own.

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you might remember that mojitos are my very favorite cocktail, ever, on the planet. After my post a couple weeks ago in which I mentioned that I couldn't find Skinnygirl Mojito in any of my local stores, they were kind enough to send me two bottles! Of course I was thrilled, I love all the Skinnygirl cocktails I've tried so far and I love mojitos.

As with all Skinnygirl cocktails you can simply pour and serve, which is great if you need a quick pick-me-up, but I think all mojitos deserve a bit of flare! I filled a tall glass with ice, four lime slices (one half of a lime), a couple torn up mint leaves, a sprig of mint for garnish, and finally topped it off with a straw. Delicious, not to mention super easy. The best part? For a re-fill all I did was top up the glass with more Skinnygirl, no extra work required!

While a good cocktail is always great with a book club discussion or a relaxing night with a new novel, this week I matched my mojito with a movie night! Hubby and I cuddled up, grabbed some chips 'n' salsa, and he grabbed a beer and I grabbed my mojito before settling down for a little bit of comedic horror with the 1996 classic, Scream (currently on Netflix). I know we are a bit behind the times, but this was the first time Hubby and I had seen this movie. Hubby thought it was pretty tame, which, honestly, it was. For someone who generally refuses to watch scary movies, this was about reaching my threshold for scary. Nonetheless we both enjoyed it and I have a new appreciation for the caller ID on cell phones.

I recently came across two websites that are perfect for Netflix recommendations. I like Netflix a lot, but sometimes it's hard to determine if a recommended movie is going to be complete rubbish or a new favorite. To eliminate some of the guess work I recommend checking out Newsday and Complex.


  1. I do love skinny mojito and the wine great drink nice post.

  2. Interesting blog post! Ive never tried this kind of mojito! Definitely will after seeing this :) xx

  3. To be honest, I haven't drunk mojito yet (I know, that's impossible, but it's true), but I like red & white wine a lot :)

  4. That was so nice of them Lauren! Glad you enjoyed. A friend of mine was telling me about Skinny Girl drinks! She said they tasted really good and didn't have many calories. I'm not a mojito girl, but would love to try some of their other flavors. Awesome review.

  5. I love movie nights! Great post! =)

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  6. I've been wanting to try this! Will have to go get some now! Love your pics!

    <3 Shannon

  7. Aww, the drinks seems great (: I shall go and try it ! x

  8. I've never tried the skinny girl drinks, but will have to give it a shot. Sounds like a dreamy date night sans Scream, I can't do any kind of scary even lame scary:)

  9. have never tried ,but they sound awesome

  10. Thanks for sharing. I need to try this out. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.


  11. Nice. I will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria :

  12. Mojitos, yummmm. Love the Skinny Girl line- and how you jazzed your cocktail up a bit!


  13. I definitely will try it!!!
    xx cvety

  14. Great post! And I've never seen the "skinny girl mojito", it's great!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog! Xx