Friday, October 31

Fashion Friday: Trick-Or-Treat

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Happy Halloween! Don't have a costume for tonight? Never fear! Jamie (follow her on Instagram: @browneyelovely) has two awesome costume ideas that can be thrown together either from what's already in your closet or what you can find at a local thrift store!

Trick-Or-Treat, let's start with something sweet! The candy corn is an absolutely iconic vestige of Halloween and it's amazingly easy to pull off. Bonus, you can also wear it to work this morning and feel festive all day long without your boss giving you the evil eye.

All you need is 1-2-3: a yellow T-shirt, orange tank-top, and white skirt! Layer the yellow shirt under the orange tank so that just the sleeves stick out!

To give it a bit more fashionable flair grab cute hat (additional points if you somehow manage to find a cute yellow and pointy hat, although we're not quite sure that one can be made fashionable), a belt, a purse to hold your valuables (or, let's be real, your candy), and some boots!

Don't get too comfortable now, it's time to get a little tricky!

A scary sailor is even easier to pull off! All you need is a nautical dress. Don't have one? Choices abound at thrifts stores around town, Jamie found this little beauty at her local thrift shop! She paired it with a navy blue cardigan and some skeletal stockings (for a little Halloween edge).

As-is this outfit could totally be worn in non-conservative working environments. To make it a little hard core for your party tonight, put on ghostly make-up so that you appear to have recently arisen from Davy Jone's locker! This make-up tutorial is perfect, and you can find grease paint at any Halloween store and most grocery stores that have a Halloween section.

What are you dressing up as tonight? Does your workplace allow Halloween Costumes? Mine has a preschool so we are encouraged to dress up! Happy Halloween, have fun and party safe!


  1. I love the fall colors in that outfit, and the knee socks are awesome!

  2. Beautiful outfits! Loving that bag (1st look)! =)

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  3. Love your costume it rocks Happy Halloween have a fun and safe one. Happy weekend.

  4. [ Smiles ] Beautiful Halloween costume.

  5. Happy Halloween. Visit my blog for the latest in eyewear!

    Eye See Euphoria :

  6. She has great ideas, I love this 2nd one and her tights are perfect for halloween :) I love that she used casual clothes :)

  7. Happy Halloween!! - Love these costumes :))

  8. such cute ideas! i especially love the candy corn costume.


  9. You are so sweet! Beautiful pictures and I really love your outfit!

  10. Aw the socks! I love them! SO cute!

    - Sarah :)

  11. The scary sailor look is so cute! And perfect for a last minute look.
    The Doctor Diva

  12. Both outfits are adorably CUTE! Perfect for Halloween and the season.

  13. Both outfits are really cute :) I love seeing what everyone wears for Halloween xx

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