Monday, October 6

Literary Libations: Dirty Masala Chai

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On a cool fall morning there's not a lot better than a hot chai tea and good book. I could stay cuddled under the covers reading all day. Personally I love dirty chai (chai mixed with coffee) as I feel it is the perfect blend. My favorite chai is currently Rooibos Masala Chai. It has the perfect mix of spices and it is caffeine free (if you can't live without the caffeine this blend has the same spices, but is made with black tea instead of rooibos tea).

To make a dirty chai start by mixing equal parts water and milk in a pot on the stove and simmering.  Make a shot of espresso and pour into your mug. Once the water and milk come to a gentle boil add that to your mug. Then take your chai tea (1 tsp. per 8oz.) and brew in your mug for 5 minutes. Add sugar to taste (I used 1 tsp. of sugar, but you can definitely make it sweeter if that's your preference). I also topped mine with a bit of cinnamon!  If you want to have traditional chai tea simply leave out the espresso. Now sit back, relax, grab a book, and sip away!

I've read quite a bit further into The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it is not at all what I expected! I thought it would focus on Blomkvist's (the journalist I mentioned in last week's post) struggle to clear his name after being sentenced to three months in jail for committing liable. With Blomkvist's prospects now bleak, a rich, elderly man named Vanger has hired Blomkvist to write his autobiography and solve the disappearance of his niece. The catch, the girl disappeared some 36 years ago and not a single trace of her has been seen since. Blomkvist would normally never agree to take on such a case, but Vanger has promised to clear Blomkvist's name of liable if he spends a year working on the assigned case. So far Lisbeth, the girl with the dragon tattoo, has not come into play much, but I have a feeling that all of the mysteries are some how going to be intertwined. At the moment I'm about a quarter of the way through the book and I have no idea how Blomkvist is even going to attempt to solve the girl's disappearance as it seems as though the detectives at the time were extremely thorough. The more I read the more I get sucked into the story, I'm excited to see where the plot goes.


  1. This is the first time I seen this recipe I need to try because I'm curious in how it taste.

  2. To be honest, I have never heard about dirty chai, but I have to try this someday, because it sounds interesting!

  3. This looks really good first time I am seeing it.
    Happy Monday.

  4. [ Smiles ] I have had chai tea without the milk. I must say that this is the first time that I heard it called, "Dirty Masala Chai".

    I also like sipping on a cup of hot tea while I read a book!

    1. Masala chai is actually a specific type of chai tea, it generally includes things like ginger, black pepper, cardamom, etc. I'm sure you've had it before if you're a chai tea drinker as it's one of the most common kinds. :) And if chai is 'dirty' it means there is espresso in it. I actually like this tea on it's own quite a bit (I've been drinking TONS of it), but dirty chais are something I reserve for cool weather in the fall in winter, so it always seems so festive to me. :) If you try it, I hope you enjoy it!

  5. i'm actually sippin' chai in bed right now, and i'd be reading if i weren't blogging :)

  6. Yum! You have the best recipes!! I hope the book is as good as the movie! Have you read gone Girl yet?! So good and the movie was amazing too!

    <3 Shannon

  7. Looks so yummy! I attempted reading the two books after I watched the dragon tattoo movie but am sad because I got lazy and they havent made the sequels yet. I loved the story and acting

  8. Thank for your comment too, I started following you, Have a nice day :))

  9. this looks really good!!

  10. I will have to try this! Sounds tasty Lauren.