Friday, March 20

Fashion Friday: Class

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Despite the joy of the holiday season and the beauty of fresh fallen snow, there always comes a time when I am simply ready for the end of these dreary winter days and for the sunshine to return. At long last, it is finally March and hopefully warmer weather is soon to come.  Daylight savings has officially begun and now, with the worst of winter behind us, it is time to start looking toward spring. 
Florals, pastels and bold colors are abundant both on and off the runway, making a bright pink blazer (like this one from H&M) a perfect statement to start the season.  Contrary to the cozy cardigans you've been cuddled up in for the past few months, a blazer is a more polished, sophisticated alternative.  Truly versatile, they can be a finishing touch to your interview attire, quickly dress up your daily outfit for that last-minute rush to chapter meetings, or even just add an extra layer of warmth when headed out the door each morning. The thickness of my blazer helps to perfectly combat this last bit of late-winter Washington chill, but finding one that fits your climate is key. 

Paired here with a neutral crochet top (from J. Crew) and basic denim, the secret to pulling off this look is to let the brightness of the bold jacket be the main focus point. Even though this is a more casual look, wearing a blazer makes this outfit instantly classy when attending class. And of course, there are always accessories to help dress-up or dress-down your look.  They say the devil is in the details and adding further spring color through bracelets (from Claire’s) is a perfect complement to the blazer’s bright pink.  With a finishing touch of floral heels (from Macy's) and my tribal pack (from Forever 21), I am certainly looking forward to the start of spring.
One Simple Change: Still too cold to go without a warm coat? Trying a bright colored scarf paired with a classic trench will achieve the same effect and you’ll be springtime-ready despite the snow!
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