Wednesday, April 29

Closet Inspiration 101

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Prepare yourself, the rest of the pictures aren't going to be so pretty. A little background before we get started. I stumbled across the blog Unfancy by Caroline and became inspired by her pictures of her beautiful wardrobe... made up of only 37 pieces, including shoes. Not only do I love all her outfits (I want to steal her clothes), but the level of ease and organization associated with each post made me wish for something similar.

I started by throwing every single piece of clothing I own onto my bed. This picture doesn't even do justice to the mound of clothing. I then divided everything by category. Anything with unintentional holes went into the throw away pile. Everything that was still in good shape, but that I knew I hadn't worn in over a year went into the Goodwill pile. The rest was divided by the type of clothing (shirts in one pile, shorts in another, dresses in yet another, etc.). From there I picked out pieces that were must haves, such as my favorite jeans. I kept all my workout clothes and PJs. Then I sorted down the rest of my clothing based on how often I wear it and how much I liked it (generally they are one and the same). Eventually I got that huge pile of clothes down to minimal closet space.

I wish I had taken better pictures, but I didn't originally think I would write a post about this. I was so happy with the end result, though, that I wanted to share! I ended up with four trash bags full of clothing to donate. I'm feeling pretty accomplished and it really did make deciding what to wear that much easier! I've decided that my new rule for clothing is that anytime I buy something new, something old must go.

Be sure to check out Unfancy's pages defining what a capsule wardrobe is and how to build one yourself.

Happy organizing!

Lauren Michelle (Instagram: @laurenmichellie)

Published: April 29, 2015


  1. un post muy graciosos y bonitas fotos

  2. Capsule wardrobe has been making an appearance on a few lifestyle blogs that I follow and I think it's brilliant to narrow down everything to a few essential pieces. It force us t get creative with what we have and maybe it'll change our ways of hoarding clothes. I hope you'll do OOTD posts with what you have, it's be really interesting to see. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. You are doing some WORK though. Totally reminds me I need to spend a little time in my closet over the next few weekends and get some stuff organized/swapped out for the new season!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Aw that awesome idea for the spring! Nice post and thanks for sharing!

  5. I would love to do this too. My clothes are piling up. This takes a lot of work. Good for you!

    Jessica |