Friday, April 3

Fashion Friday: Festival Ready

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Spring has sprung and so has the start of festival season! There are countless music festivals going on throughout the summer all over the country, but the one to kick it all off is the infamous Coachella Valley Music Festival held in Indigo, California.  Home to all genres of music and frequented by celebrities and cool kids alike, Coachella is the epitome of festival boho-chic.

In keeping with this trend, we paired a floral tank form The Devil Wears Prada with a pink maxi and long cardigan. A summer music festival is the perfect place to wear a shirt supporting your favorite band and is a perfect conversation starter for meeting other fans in the crowd. 

Likewise, since the days are long, its nice to dress in layers so that you can be ready for whatever mother nature throws at you.  By wearing a grey bralett under my shirt and having a cardigan on hand, I was able to stay cool while the day was hot and cozy up once the sun went down. Topping off this look with a hat and some shades is all we need to be festival ready!
Skirt: WalMart
Boots: Payless
Shades: Ray-Bans
Necklace: Claire’s
Beer: Paradise Creek
Unable to make the trek to California? There are music festivals all over the country. Though some of the mega, multi-day festivals can be expensive, check your local paper to find out what’s going on in your own back yard!

- Jamie (Instagram: @browneyelovely)

Published: April 3, 2015

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