Welcome to How To: Make Home (HTMH)! This lifestyle blog is run by two best friends and is filled with lots of fashion and food, books and booze. All the good stuff, really.

Lauren Michelle

Is 20 something, married to a guy who is also named Lauren (just to make life as confusing as possible), and they are currently raising a quirky little dog named Eastwood (yes, after Clint Eastwood). New to married life, she is still working on this whole 'domestic' thing. Of the cooking, cleaning, and decorating, she finds two of those things to be fun. Lauren Michelle is the founder, creator, and editor of HTMH and you are invited along for the ride as she tries to find a niche in her new home.  

Jamie Lynn

Is the model, photographer, and head of Fashion Friday. Tune in at the end of each week for a new look and follow her on Instagram under the name BrownEyeLovely for more outfits through the week!

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